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Carbon Filter Prima Klima ECO K2602 - 475-620m3/h, 150mm

Carbon Filter Prima Klima ECO K2602 - 475-620m3/h, 150mm

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First Klima ECO line odor filter  K2602-160 with output of 475 / 620m3 / h and 160mm flange is suitable for air filtration in medium-sized rooms. The intake or exhaust air purifies from the unpleasant odor. Prima Klim ultimate odor filters reduce power consumption, increase ventilation efficiency, and extend service life. Activated coconut shells are the most suitable for air filtration in food, industry, agriculture, restaurants or other facilities due to the small perforation. The odor filter is a white F5 pre-filter. The service life of the activated carbon depends on the degree of pollution of the filtered air and surrounding conditions. Under ideal conditions (70 ° C, 70% humidity), the ECO line line of carbon filters will last for at least 9 months. Suitable for vertical or horizontal use. Carbon refills can be refurbished.


Warranty 2 years
Flange 150mm
Max Airflow 620m3/h
Diameter 230mm
Filter flow 500 - 1000 m3/h
Incl. pre-filter K2702
Optimal Airflow 475m³/h
Weight 4.5Kg


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