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G-tools smart box

G-tools smart box

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Geschikt voor: WIFI 2.4 GHz
Contacten: 2 x continuous, 2 x timed
Umax: 250 V/50 Hz.
VA Max/channel: 10A, 2300W
VA max: 13A, 3000W
IP class: 20

Internet timer box

The G-tools WIFI smart box for grow cabinet or tent has four sockets. Two of them have continuous power. They can be used for an extractor, oscillating fan or any other device you want to have switched on continously.
The other two sockets can be programmed seperately through a free downloadable app. One of them can used for switching on and off your light. The second can be used for controlling a pump of an irrigation system. Through the app on your smartphone you can set the light on period and the irrigation moments from anywhere in the world. As long as there’s connection to the internet.

Programming the smart box is very simple. After installing the app on your smartphone and connecting the smart box to the electricity the device can be paired with the app. When the smart box and app have connected the two channels will show in the app. The channel that controls the socket with the watering can symbol you can call “pump”. The other channel, that controls the socket with the lamp symbol you can call “light”. Now the ON and OFF moments for light and pump can be set in the app.

The socket for the light as well as the socket for the pump have buttons that allow you to switch the devices on and off manually.  So when your internet is down you can still control the pump and light.

Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 8 cm
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