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G-tools XL height extension set Bonanza (1 m2) empty grow box

G-tools XL height extension set Bonanza (1 m2) empty grow box

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Height extension kit for Bonanza 1 m2 edition.

XL for Bonanza 1m2 kit for

This XL for Bonanza 1m2 set adds 56cm extra height to the cabinet. The total height of the cabinet will be 232cm. This offers the possibility to grow larger plants or to work with lamps that require a greater distance to the canopy. The XL height extension set comes with a new set of back panels for your cabinet. Only the holes for the air inlets have been made here. The holes for the air outlet and the cable entry are made in the back panels of the XL set. The XL set can be easily installed at any time of your grow. Simply remove the roof of your cabinet and connect the new back panel and then add the new upper panels.

Reasons you might need the XL set

You might decide to use our 3-in-1 irrigation system and the extra height will come in handy because of the height you will lose by using this system. Another common reason is underestimating your plant’s growth and before you realize it the plant has grown past your lights. If you are using HPS this can be a big problem because of the heat produced from HPS but it is also not desired if you are using LED.

Weight 14,75 kg
Dimensions 118 × 78 × 56 cm
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