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Hortione 420 LED Grow Light 150W Cover 60x60cm

Hortione 420 LED Grow Light 150W Cover 60x60cm

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150 Watt, 100-230V, 50-60Hz
Colour temperature: 3800K
Light intensity at 30 cm: 1354 µmol
Efficiency: 2,9 µmol/J
Suitable for: vegging and flowering
Cooling: passive
Inc.: cable and driver
Lifespan: 90% light output after 50.000 hour
Warranty: 2 years

Full spectrum led grow light

The Hortione 420 is made up of no fewer than 420 LEDs. 12 x Osram Oslon Hyper Red and 408 x Seoul Semiconductor – 3500k LEDs.
This color combination makes the lamp suitable for use during both the growth and flowering phase of the plant. Besides the fact that the lamp can be used in different ways, impressive light values ​​are measured thanks to the high efficiency of the LEDs (2.9 µmol/J). The diagram below shows the amount of energy used for photosynthesis, measured in µmol, at a height of 30 cm above the sensor. The measurements were done in a Bonanza 0.35  and Bonanza 1m2 cabinet. As can be seen from the diagrams, a large number of LEDs in combination with the relatively large surface of the reflector ensures a nice even light distribution over the cultivation surface.
A large amount of light it produces and its spectrum make the Hortione particularly suitable for growing flowering, fruit-bearing plants.
For the Bonanza 0.35 grow box, 1 Hortione 420 lamp is sufficient. For the Bonanza 1m2, you need two.
The Hortione can be daisy-chained and there’s a special dimmer available for the lamp.

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