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GT 125 fan +PK Eco filter Sale

GT 125 fan +PK Eco filter Sale

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Fan:GT 125 1 speed
Diameter flange: 125mm
Motor: EBM Pabst
Low noise
Inc. mounting bracket

Filter:PK-K2601 flat
Max. air flow 480m3/hour
Optimal air flow 360m3/hour
Diameter flange:125mm

Gt-125 fan Combo

Gt-125 fan Combo kit is perfect for setting up your grow space using a maximum of 600 watt HPS lighting system. The combo kit consists of a fan and filter. The Fan has only one speed but this can easily be combined with a fan controller that allows you to adjust the speed. Another tip that makes setting up really easy is to use a collar to connect the fan and filter together. The fan has a Swiss-made MES AC motor and is very quiet and energy efficient. MES motors are fitted as standard with backward-formed impellers for up to 15% more airflow than standard fans. When connected to a duct and a carbon filter the inline fan hardly suffers from any pressure drop.
Like all GT inline fans, this fan is delivered with a bracket which allows you to mount it in any desired position

Prima Klima 2601 Filter

One of the most important things in your grow room is a quality carbon filter. This ensures that you will be able to grow without any odor problems. There are many brands of Carbon filters on the market but the most important thing to look for is what’s inside the filter- We choose to only work with Prima Klima carbon filters because they use virgin active carbon in their filters. This means that carbon found inside the filter has never been used before. Gt-125 fan Combo kit consists of a matching fan and filter regarding the optimum cubic range. We always recommend replacing the filter once a year even though it could last a little bit longer depending on the conditions. This is purely to prevent unwanted odors before they happen. Also a tip that we often give is to have a spare filter at home ready just in case.

Weight 6 kg
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