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PK K2602 carbon filter 620m3

PK K2602 carbon filter 620m3

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Maximal air stream:620 m3/hour
Optimal air stream:475 m3/hour
Diameter flange: 125mm

Carbon filter

The PK carbon filter 680m3 will also fit perfectly in your Bonanza 1m2 grow cabinet. Carbon filters are the best option for keeping unwanted odours from your growing area out of your house and away from your neighbors. More importantly, they’re the best way to make sure even the freshest air is used by your plants to grow. Active carbon has a massive surface area with hundreds of pores. These pores can trap molecules from the air through a process known as adsorption. This process allows molecules like dust, dirt, and odor molecules to stick to the carbon, preventing them from traveling freely back into the air.

Why choose Prima Klima carbon filters

The best quality activated carbon is used to guarantee 8 months of odourless air extraction. They are reliable in terms of exhaust air performance and processing. Prima Klima always uses virgin active carbon charcoal. This means that it has never been used before or recycled from other industrial uses. The PK carbon filter 680m3 combines perfectly with our range of GT 125 fans. When choosing a carbon filter you definitely don’t want to go for the cheaper option because your filtration of unwanted smells is most probably the most important aspect when selecting your grow equipment.

Weight 4,5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 23 × 23 cm


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