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Mars Hydro FC-E3000 LED Bridgelux 300W Cover 90x90cm

Mars Hydro FC-E3000 LED Bridgelux 300W Cover 90x90cm

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Features of Smart FC-E3000 LED

·Power Draw:300W
·PPE: 2.8umol/J
·Yield: 2.5g/watt

FC-E3000 is densely installed with BridgeLux chips, giving a high PPFD of 1000umol/m²/s, suitable for personal cultivation and veg room.

The new version is not with UV and IR.

Smart LED grow lights that support mobile control and programming via Mars Hydro APP. Precisely configuring the light intensity down to the month/day/hour/minute to achieve dynamic lighting levels and simulated sunrise and sunset to mimic natural photoperiod in plants. All data and settings are stored and transferred by OTA technology so users have immediate access to the latest updates.

FC-E3000 grow light features quality BridgeLux Diodes to achieve market-leading 2.8 µmol/J of efficacy and a max yield of 2.5 grams per watt. It consumes 300 watts with a 30% higher average PPFD than other same-wattage grow lights, providing better crop quality and more cost-effectiveness, and dropping 50% in electricity bill than HID/HPS lights! *Best fit for 100x100cm grow tent 

Both the light bar and power supply are removable to allow for easy installation and DIY for growers who want to build their own lighting footprint. By setting the light bar at the recommended locations (marked by green arrows), growing lighting can be most evenly distributed, resulting in the most consistent crops grown.

With a Yield Max spectrum (660-665nm,2800k-3000k, 4800-5000k) that falls mainly in the PAR (400-700nm) range, FC-E3000 LED grow light activates Photosynthesis and provides sufficient light for plants to grow stronger and healthier.

Simultaneous switching and dimming of multiple grow lights on your cellphone screen without extra dimming cords. You’re free from the mass of too many cords and cables. When you have separate rooms, different lighting groups can also be managed independently and their growth plans/schedules will never interfere with each other.

Mars Hydro FC-E series has a large aluminum heat sink with a certain space between the individual light bars to dissipate heat. A detachable power supply can be mounted remotely on the side of a grow tent/rack or on an adjacent wall to remove heat from the growing space.

All Mars Hydro LED grow lights have been CE, ETL, RoHS, and UKCA certified, safe to use worldwide. Mars Hydro officially guarantees 24 hours customer service, a 5-year limited warranty, and local warehouses & repair centers to offer the best after-sale services to growers around the world.

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