Coleção: Open grow boxes and dispaly racks

The Kitchenfarm is a grow box for leafygreens and microgreens. You can easily grow salads, herbs, and garnishes at any desired location. Throughout the year! Ideal for restaurants, schools, and corporate canteens that value fresh and locally sourced food.

Easy to maintain and use

The Kitchenfarm consists of 2 floors that are illuminated with energy-efficient LED grow lights. The Kitchenfarm can optionally be expanded with a third floor. The cultivation itself is done in special ebb & flow trays. Here the plants grow, illuminated by powerful LEDs in pots with soil or on grow mats. The substructure of the Kitchenfarm consists of a closed space where the water tank and the pump are located. The ebb & flow trays are periodically filled with a layer of water, after which they are emptied again. Ebb and flow!
Because the ebb and flow trays are equipped with drainage gutters, there will not remain any water behind after the watering shifts. This way the plants never have “wet feet”. Something that many plants have a hard time with and eventually even might die from.
The Kitchenfarm is controlled by the supplied Smartbox. This allows you to set the number of watering moments and exposure times via a free downloadable app. In addition to sowing and harvesting, you only need to keep the water tank at the bottom of the cabinet filled. This can be done with normal tap water.