Hortione Warranty & Return Policy


  • 1. The warranty period for our services is one year from handover.
  • 2. In the absence of any agreement to the contrary (e.g. formal acceptance), the time of handover is the time of completion, at the latest when the customer has taken over the work into his control or has refused to take it over without giving reasons. With the date on which the customer is notified of completion, in the absence of justified refusal of acceptance the work is deemed to be taken into his control.
  • 3. If a joint handover is envisaged, and if the customer does not attend the handover appointment that has been notified to him, the handover is deemed to have taken place on that day.
  • 4. The remedying of a defect that has been claimed by the customer does not represent acknowledgement of a defect.
  • 5. The customer must always prove that the defect existed at the time of handover.
  • 6. For the remedying of defects, the customer must make the plant or equipment available to us without culpable delay, and must grant us the opportunity for assessment by us or by an expert appointed by us.
  • 7. Notices of defects and complaints of all kinds must be notified immediately (at the latest after ## working days) to the domicile of our company, in writing, with as accurate a description of the defect as possible and stating the possible causes, otherwise the warranty claims are forfeited. The goods or work that are the subject of complaint must be handed over by the customer, insofar as this is feasible.
  • 8. If the defects alleged by the customer are unjustified, he is obliged to compensate us for expenses incurred for establishing freedom from defects or remedying defects.
  • 9. Any utilisation or processing of the defective deliverable that carries the risk of further damage, or makes elimination of the cause more difficult or prevents it, must be stopped by the customer without delay, unless this is unreasonable.
  • 10. We are entitled to carry out or have carried out any examination that we regard as necessary, even if this renders the goods or work pieces unusable. If this examination shows that we are not responsible for any defect, the customer must bear the costs for this examination against appropriate remuneration.
  • 11. Transportation and travel costs arising in connection with the rectification of defects are to be borne by the customer. On request by us, the customer must provide, free of charge, the necessary workers, energy and premises, and must cooperate in accordance with point 7.
  • 12. The customer must grant us at least two attempts to rectify the defect.
  • 13. We can avert a request for rescission through improvement or an appropriate price reduction, insofar as this does not relate to a significant and unrectifiable defect.
  • 14. If the deliverables are produced on the basis of details, drawings, plans, models or other specifications of the customer, we provide warranty only for the execution according to specifications.
  • 15. The fact that the work is not fully suitable for the agreed use does not constitute a defect if this is based exclusively on actual circumstances that differ from the information that was available at the time of performance because the customer does not fulfil his obligations to cooperate in accordance with point 7. 15.16. Likewise it is not a defect if the customer’s technical installations, such as supply lines, cabling, networks etc. are not in a technically perfect and operational condition, or are not compatible with the items supplied.